Notes of Osaka Temma Yomiuri SGG Club

The Notes of Osaka Temma Yomiuri SGG Club to guests from overseas who are asked to do guides or interpreters etc.

At the Osaka Temma Yomiuri SGG Club, we are helping to travel and tourism in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Shiga) under the conditions of JNTO’s goodwill guides. Please be aware of the following conditions for your request.
A. Inquiries and Application
1. Application for inquiries should be made at least one week in advance before coming to Japan.
2. Please fill in the Request Form on the right heading of this page and send it to your goodwill guides in charge. The club manages responsibility for confidentiality about the personal information you filled in.
B. Cost
Although we do not get the reward, please bear the following actual expenses.
1. Transportation expenses of your goodwill guides of Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club (including round-trip transportation fee of public transportation from home) in charge of guidance
2. Transportation expenses during the accompanying your goodwill guide
3. Food and beverage expenses
4. Admission fee, Entrance fee which the identification of the goodwill guide can’t be used.
C. Other Conditions
1. We will not provide interpreters and guidance for profit.
2. We do not provide tourist information at night and guidance accompanying accommodation.
3. Regarding accidents and damage during the guide, neither the Osaka Temma Yomiuri SGG Club nor your goodwill guides will have responsibility at all.
4. We will not guide you to drive or use private cars (including rental cars).
5. As Osaka Temma Yomiuri SGG Club is not a travel agency, we can’t arrange traveling at all.
6. We do not make reservation fee accompanying accommodation, meal, theater and other money change.