SGG club overview

【1】Osaka Temma Yomiuri SGG club overview
1. Establishment: July 1998
Organization Address: 540-0032
1-1 Temmahashi Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan Keihan City Mall 7F
Yomiuri Tenmabashi Cultural Center
TEL 06-6876-1772 090-1155-6259 FAX 06-6876-1772



Representative (concurrently chairman) Mrs. Hiroko Hirouchi
2. Number of members: 25
3.Entry qualification: Those who passed language proficiency Eiken equivalent to Grade 2, Osaka Examination(Osaka Kentei) 3 grade, and Graduates of Temmabashi Yomiuri Cultural Center, Kyoto Yomiuri Cultural Center “For foreign supporters Language volunteer interpreter course.
4. Annual membership fee: 1.000 yen for admission fee, Annual fee (2,000 yen for the first half, 2,000 yen for the latter half) 4,000 yen
5. General membership meeting: once a year (June)
6. Board of Directors: once a month (on the third Saturday)
7. Issue bulletin issued: Issued on the 10th of every month (net delivery), annual issue of March annual activities
8. Monthly meeting: membership monthly meeting Temmabashi Yomiuri Cultural Center on the 3rd Saturday from 15:45
9. Members Workshops: Workshops held in October and November
10. Support and cooperation with local governments: Requests for activities from JNTO, and KIVNET organizations