Goodwill guides

【The Impression of Goodwill Guides of Osaka Temma Yomiuri SGG Club in 2018】

1.We have a very good trip and time with our guide in Kyoto. Her knowledge and English is good for us to understand about all places we visited. Thank you so much for the help from SGG, especially from our guide. – By a family of 9 from VIETNAM

2.We loved the experience excellent. The guide was prepared, pleasant and had an in-depth knowledge of the local history. She also helped my wife find traditional Japanese food for lunch. – By a couple from CANADA

3.Our guide has been wonderful – she has a bright happy vibrant personality. Nothing has been too much trouble. Very helpful. Wonderful. Experience with a lovely local person. – By a couple from AUSTRALIA

4.We had a wonderful day with our guide. She explained everything we need. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed it very much. She is a very kind and friendly person. Thank you very much. – By a couple from SPAIN

5.Our guide is very helpful in sharing the history of Nara. She brought us to Nara Deer Park where we had a great time feeding the deers, to Todai-ji Temple where we saw one of the biggest Buddha in Japan, to Isui-en Garden for lunch, act the garden beside Isui-en called Yoshiki-en where we saw beautiful autumn leaves, she has brought us to see a traditional old house in Nara Naramachi Koshinoie House and the kids had a great time at Naramachi Mechanical Toy Museum. Thank you for helping us get around Nara. We are grateful. – By a family of 7 from PHILIPPINES

【The Impression of Goodwill Guides of Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club in 2017 

1. We had a very nice time with our guide today, she took us to all the places we required and also showed us around some very beautiful and scenic areas we didn’t even know about. Kyoto was so beautiful, the bamboo forest and Fushimi Inari shrine were amazing and we were so happy we were able to see the dragon and Tenryuji temple that we had heard so much about. Having her guide us to all these places was so helpful and we had such a wonderful experience. The food was great as well!

2.We had such a nice time with our guide, the Osaka Castle was amazing and it was nice to have someone explain the history to us. The museum of history was very interesting and the view from Umeda Sky Building were spectacular. We are so thankful for having her as our guide today, not having to worry about getting to our destinations was so helpful. We also appreciate the insider tips she gave us and we had a very nice lunch. We will always remember this trip. Thank you.

3.Our guide is such a well-informed, knowledgeable person who shows Japanese history, culture and geography as she guides us. We have learned so much about Osaka from her, and about the ancient traditions of the Japanese people. Our guide has a warm and happy personality that make us feel very comfortable to be with her, and her lessons of Japanese history and culture make her guiding very valuable to us. Thank you so much for allowing her to be our guide this year. We love her.

4.Our guide was a very friendly and helpful guide who was able to help us navigate the transportation to the different sites and translate the information there. We greatly enjoyed our time in Osaka today and would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you!

5.The entire day turned out to be the best day I have had in Japan. I had an experience unparalleled, filled with information and great attention to detail. My guide was truly amazing, warm and kind. Her choice of places to visit were perfect for me. I will always remember this experience and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.


 【The Impression of Goodwill guides of Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club in 2016

1.The guide was wonderful, very responsive to our requests, very punctual and considerate. She went out of her way to make us feel welcome and gave us a good history of the sites we visited. I would recommend her for anyone who is visiting the area, Very, very professional & graceful.

2.We really enjoyed the tour with the guide. He was very kind and attending person. Although our visit was a short one, but he gave us an unforgettable and wonderful Osaka experience. Thank you very much.

3.Very friendly and caring guide who got a good connection with the whole family. She gave us a very nice memory from Japan.

4.Our guide was wonderful. We would not have easily found our way by ourselves. We especially enjoyed the special fish cakes in the alley of Kishiwada. It was also a pleasure to see a Japanese Matsuri festival

5.Lovely guide. She brought us to the places we wanted to go and things we wanted to see. She was very attentive and helpful, and we enjoyed being her company. If we have more time, we would have continued with her services!