Activity Achievements

【3】 Activity Achievements
1. June 2016 the foreigner goodwill guide number of requests 500,
June 2017 the number of requests for foreign goodwill guides 600 cases
2. A variety of Goodwill guides’ activities, Vol.1.2.3
3. Cultural seminars etc. at consular offices in Kansai etc.
4. Target languages: mainly English, other Chinese, French
5. Group Features:
① We will hold a regular meeting with monthly membership attendance the rate of 100% at Tenmabashi near Osaka Castle, and we will guide guests in Kansai with full responsibility to help foreign tourists, It is a pleasure of the life work of our club members that we can introduce them.
② Be able to publish the work of members of “Rediscover Japanese Culture” announced at the Yomiuri Cultural Festival (at Taikoen every August) as a booklet every five years. (Already issued from Vol.1 to Vol.3)
③ Many members receive the Excellence Goodwill guide Award, and in 2013 JNTO awarded the Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club Excellence Goodwill guide Organization Award.