SGG Club Activities

【2】 Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club Activities
1. Interpretation volunteers for international events: Osaka Marathon, or One World Festival etc.
2. Volunteer guides of Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara)
3. Hosting a language brush up seminar for members
4. Creation and exhibition of panel participation works of the Yomiuri Cultural Festival (related to Japanese culture)
5. “Publishment of Volunteer interpreter’s booklet” (April 2002, April 2009, October 2014)
6. Foster child support (translated volunteers and others)
7. Asia – Youth Summit Assistance (translated volunteers and others)
8. “Fairy tale translation reading stories” visit Kindergarten
9. Overseas study tour planning, example: Introduction of Japanese Culture to elementary school in Melbourne, etc.
Exhibition of overseas Japanese Culture Festival Works: Monaco Japan Festival etc.
10. Training for good-will guides, community interpreters